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Industry and Healthcare

The healthcare industry is complex and is divided into different areas, consisting of a large number of interdisciplinary teams and qualified specialists.

All areas such as politics and social insurance, physicians, patients and providers of health services are constantly facing new challenges and must adapt to current trends in order to maintain and improve a functioning overall system.

Several decades of experience in dealing with the special needs of the most important institutions, but also personalities of the Austrian health care system make us a stable partner with the right tools.


Medicine and Institutions

Even though the social security system in Austria is dominated by the compulsory insurance system, there is often a need for targeted communication on the part of insurers: target groups are their own policyholders, politicians at federal, state and municipal level as well as representatives of the specialist and public media. The social insurance system must also constantly adapt to new findings and changed conditions and consciously take its environment with it. The PERI Group offers a wide range of tools for internal consulting and external communication.


NGOs and Associations

Non-governmental organizations are private organizations that represent social interests without being subordinated to the state or its institutions in a special form. Especially in the health sector, NGOs play a central role, for example in patient representation, and often influence society and politics in this way. Similar to social insurance institutions, NGOs also have a great need to sharpen and explain their own positions and activities, often supplemented by the special requirements of fundraising. The tools of the PERI Group can be used by NGOs in many different ways.


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